School’s Out is a social board game that gets children talking about the serious impacts of bullying by letting them role-play as both a bully and a hero in a fun and safe environment. In School’s Out, it is the last day of school before summer vacation, but before they can exit the school they must make it through the day by interacting with their classmates. Your children will either play as a bully or a hero as they interact with each other, but they must be careful if they choose to bully since the principal is always looking out for the well-being of their students! If your child chooses to be a hero they will be rewarded by the principal for doing good deeds. So, what will they do to be the first kid out of school?

Why School’s Out?

Bullying is a serious problem across all levels of education and in all school systems. We believe by getting children to talk about bullying at an early age and in a safe environment we can teach them the consequences of bullying.

Serious Goals

  • Get children talking about bullying
  • Teach children how to help others if they are being bullied
  • Teach children why others bully

Target Audience

School’s Out is targeting elementary schools who are looking for a fun way to teach students about bullying. Our game is designed to be played by 4th and 5th graders and can be played by up to six students at a time.

Gameplay Summary

While playing School’s Out each player has a colored player piece and a matching token that they use during the game. Their token is placed on a reputation scale that moves up or down depending on the child’s actions in-game. In the game your children will be trying to be the first one out of the school for summer vacation, but before they leave they must interact with their other classmates by being a bully or a hero. Players role a six-sided dice and move on a color-coded game board. If they land on a color that is not their own they must interact with the player by being a bully: “I gave you a wedgie during gym class and everyone laughed at you! You were embarrassed and now you move back four spaces.” Or, by being a hero: “I saw that you were sitting alone during lunch so I asked if you wanted to sit with me. You didn’t feel alone anymore and move up four spaces.” The Hall Monitor will be paying attention to the other classmate’s actions and moving their token on the reputation board to match their playstyle. The more your child bullies, the more their reputation will go down. The more your child helps out other classmates, the more their reputation will go up. The principal in-game is always watching the reputation board and depending on your child’s actions the principal may reward them by letting them move up several spaces on the board or punish them for being a bully and tell them to move back several spaces.


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